Welcome to the world of Femme de Cupcakes!

Femme de Cupcakes is a women accessories company born to make beautiful everyday products for the younger generation. We combine vibrant and inviting colors with playful yet sophisticated style to create items that are truly one of a kind. The goal is to translate the elements of fun, joy, and youth into our product line, so that our customers are always reminded of the beauty of the world that surrounds them.

At Femme de Cupcakes, we carefully select and custom dye our leathers season to season based on latest style and trend; we source our materials only from trusted partners; we produce our products strictly at factories that are compliant to all our tightly monitored labor standards. The combined results of these create accessories that are of the highest craftsmanship, impeccable quality and iconic style. Once you get your hands on our products, you would not want to put them down.

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